Safety at Amalgamated Sugar

With an incident rate of 1.21, Amalgamated Sugar completed Crop Year 2021 with the lowest incident rate in its history. On six occasions, Amalgamated operations reached milestones of 250,00 or 500,000 safe work hours at a facility resulting in the donation of $20,000 to local charities across Southern Idaho.


Amalgamated employees working within our piling grounds, factories, and warehouses are engaged in activities that make locations safer. Employees conduct daily inspections of critical equipment and perform personal hazard assessments and safety audits of all facilities. Operators are trained through training programs that include videos, hands-on training, documented work instructions, and job packets.


Safety accountability is ever present to ensure employees know the importance of following safe work practices. Incidents resulting in an injury, property damage, or a near hit are investigated to determine the cause of the incident. Controls are put in place to prevent a similar incident from happening again.


“We are a few months into the new Crop Year now, and we are optimistic for another record year in safety,” said Mike Shuey, Director of Safety at Amalgamated Sugar.

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