Engineering Interns Give Presentations at Corporate Office

Last week, a group of Amalgamated Sugar’s Engineering Interns presented to a small group at the Corporate Office. The interns work at Amalgamated Sugar’s processing facilities; three in Nampa and one in Paul, Idaho.

The first person to present was Jacob Adams, an Electrical Engineering Intern. Adams is a BYU Idaho student currently working at the Nampa Factory. He shared information on a few of the projects he has worked on this year, including a network documentation project and organizing/documenting storage areas. Adams expressed that he enjoyed the projects that got into “real engineering” as opposed to working only with theories.

The second presenter was Nathan Bevan. Bevan is a Process Engineering Intern at Nampa Factory, as well as a student at BYU in Utah. He was able to work in projects that focused on Feed Products, including Betaine and Molasses. One of Bevan’s projects was a Betaine Process Documentation project. He also worked with the Separator Feed Molasses Brix Control, finding ways to tighten controls and be more consistent.

Tanner Sloan, a Mechanical Engineer Intern at the Nampa Factory, was the third person to present. A student at the University of Idaho, Sloan worked on several projects dealing with food defense and security. He expressed appreciation for the opportunity to gain real-world project experience.

The final presentation was given by Marquis (Mark) Atkinson, the Process Engineer Intern at the Mini-Cassia Factory. Atkinson, a University of Idaho student, shared several examples of projects that taught him exactly how much detail or precision is needed in different scenarios. He also spoke about the ways he was able to troubleshoot issues as they happened throughout the factory, and about using Parkview to find solutions.

The two Engineering Interns who were unable to present to the corporate office group are Ron Ercek and Cody Thiery. Ercek is a Mechanical Engineering Intern at the Mini-Cassia Factory, studying at BYU Idaho. Thiery is an Electrical Engineering Intern at the Twin Falls Factory, who is also studying at BYU Idaho.

Amalgamated Sugar’s engineering internship program has developed rapidly over the past few years, and the Company is proud of the positive results seen in the interns hired so far. The program provides hands-on experience for engineering students interested in the many career paths available in the sugar industry. We wish these interns the best of luck in the future!


Some of the attendees at the Engineering Intern presentations
Some of the attendees at the Engineering Intern presentations

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