Featured Employee: Kelsie Garner

Kelsie is a Burley native that grew up with 2 brothers that taught her that hard work means getting your hands dirty. She decided to follow her passion and went to cosmetology school and learn how to do hair and nails. Just prior to graduating from cosmetology school, Kelsie met her husband and after 4 years of dating they decided to get married. She is proud to announce that in June they will be welcoming a new little Garner to their family. Kelsie loves to spend time in the outdoors doing horseback riding, snowmobiling and spending time with her family.

Remembering what her brothers taught her, Kelsie was hired in October of 2016, as a harvest worker running a piler. She quickly proved that hard work and long hours were essential to becoming a successful employee.


Kelsie Garner 2


Less than one year later in June of 2017, Kelsie was hired into the factory as a general laborer and assigned to work in the warehouse. In less than 15 days from this move, Kelsie passed all the tests required to get a $1 per hour increase and again showed that she was someone that has what it takes to be successful.

At the end of August 2017, she had completed all the requirements to become a Warehouseman III. In four short months she had become proficient as a Warehouseman III and completed all the requirements to be moved to a Warehouseman II. Then in May of 2018 she was promoted to Warehouseman I.

Kelsie has shown that when you apply yourself, you truly can accomplish great things. Her future goals are to become a foreman and continue to expand her knowledge of the warehouse operations and to learn more about the overall factory operations. Kelsie is well respected by all and is a great example of how you can apply yourself and truly be rewarded for your efforts. We are excited to have Kelsie as a member of the Mini-Cassia workforce.



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