Tyler May: 4th Generation Mini-Cassia Employee

Above: Mark May (Left) with son, Tyler May (Right)



Amalgamated Sugar is not only known for the longevity of its employees — it also has many multigenerational employees. Some of these employees have family ties that reach back two, three, and four generations. One such family is the Mays.


Tyler May is the fourth generation of his family to work at Amalgamated Sugar’s Mini-Cassia factory. We recently asked him some questions regarding his family and their history at Amalgamated Sugar.


Q: How long ago did you start working at Amalgamated Sugar?

A: I started working at Amalgamated Sugar almost 11 years ago.


Q: Who in your family has worked for the company?

A: Mark May, my father, Howard May, my grandfather, and James Gillispie, my great grandfather.


Q: How long did they work for the company?

A: My father has worked at the Mini-Cassia factory for 41 years. My grandfather has worked at the factory for 31 years. My great grandfather worked at the factory for 6 years.


Q: Why did you choose to follow in their footsteps?

A: I like working on equipment and the challenges it may give me. Plus, it’s a good job with great benefits that allows me to provide and raise my family.


Q: What’s the first thing you remember about the company?

A: How big the Mini-Cassia factory is and I knew I was going to get lost.


Q: What’s your favorite memory with the company?

A: All the friends that have been made and the sugar bench golf scrambles we had after the Sugar End overhaul.


Q: How has your factory changed since you started?

A: There is new equipment every year, so it’s constantly changing. New buildings that never stood now stand tall at the Mini-Cassia factory. There have also been so many people that have come and gone.

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