May Work Anniversaries and Retirements

Amalgamated Sugar would like to recognize the following individuals for their years of service to the Company:


5 Years


Justin Dalrymple

Samuel Durrant

Charles Fetterly

Salud Gonzalez

Brian Hawks

Erik Larson

Arnulfo Medrano

Silvestre Perez Rivas

Valentino Rios

Luis Rios-Lopez

Bartolo Trinidad


10 Years


Larry Grim


20 Years


Juan Montes de Oca

Jeff Stanger


30 Years


Brent Rambough


Thank you for your service, May retirees!


Lisa Banta

Roger Cotten

Reina Kitchen

Robert Nicklas

Perfecto Portillo

Miguel Ruiz

Sabas Sanchez

Stan Smith

Bill Thomason



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