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Support Local: Weiser Classic Candy

This year has been difficult for small businesses. This season, we hope you’ll support small local businesses – businesses like Weiser Classic Candy – while doing your holiday shopping. 


The first thing you notice when walking into Weiser Classic Candy in Weiser, Idaho, is the smiling faces from both customers and from those behind the counter. You are quickly greeted with a warm, “Hello, how are you doing?” and a “How may we help you today?” from the staff. The genuine care in their tone and demeanor give a sense that they will do anything to help brighten your day. As you look around the store local art lines the walls, candy boxes are stacked in the corners, and sweet treats fill the front counter case. 


Patrick Nauman, the owner of Weiser Classic Candy, grew up going to this same local candy store when it was Fawns Classic Candies. While home in Weiser one Christmas, Patrick noticed that the old candy store was for sale. He recognized the realtor’s name and by Christmas, Patrick had made the decision to buy the store. Six months later, Patrick had the keys to what is now Weiser Classic Candy.


Weiser Classic Candy has been a staple in the Weiser community for 36 years and remains running strong with over 250 different products. The store uses White Satin Sugar and roughly 85% of the products that Weiser Classic Candy produces contain it. Annually, they use approximately 4,500 pounds of granulated, powdered or brown sugar, depending on the products they produce, with the most popular by far being their caramel candies. 


Weiser Classic Candy is being sold in 140 different stores, in seven different states and has a range of sales from Canada to Ireland, Germany and the U.K. Weiser Classic Candy employs approximately 20 people from the Weiser area both full and part-time. 


Amalgamated Sugar would like to thank Patrick and the staff at Weiser Classic Candy for their years of support, not just of our products, but for our community as well. May your future continue to be successful and “sweet”.

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