White Satin Sugar Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Are you looking for some last-minute holiday gifts or stocking stuffers? Support small Idaho businesses and buy products made with Idaho’s only local sugar with these gift ideas!



For the Family Chef

Oma and Popie’s in Kuna, Idaho, has handcrafted sauces and spice blends made in small batches with flavorful, fresh, and robust simple ingredients. They use White Satin Light Brown Sugar in all their sauces! Oma and Popie’s have something for everyone–whether you’re a novice in the kitchen, a grill master wanting to step up your game, or a professional cook looking for that something extra.



For the S’mores and Hot Cocoa Fan

From a product idea from a backyard campfire in Caldwell, Idaho, welcome the newest must-try snack. Creekside Mallow uses White Satin sugar in their delicious, made-from-scratch gourmet marshmallows that are sure to be a hit in your cozy treats! This holiday season, stop in and try one of their rotating s’mores flavors at Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell.



For the Sweet Tooth

Occupying the same factory space on 8th Street in downtown Boise, Idaho, the Idaho Candy Company has been making delicious and nostalgic candies since 1901. Using White Satin sugar in all but one product, Idaho Candy and Amalgamated Sugar have made sweet magic together for over 120 years! Their most iconic treat is the Idaho Spud Bar, but we like their Old Faithful Bar and Huckleberry Gems, too!



For the Breakfast Lover

Declo, Idaho, is home to Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks, a unique pancake mix made of dry ingredients and unprocessed grain. All you do is add an egg and milk, blend, and cook. Cowboy Tom’s uses White Satin sugar in everything they make and are “dang proud of it”! Breakfast made with their maple syrup and flapjack mixes of Idaho wheat, teff, or buckwheat is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!



For Those Who Scream for Ice Cream (& Chocolates)

Farr’s Candy and Ice Cream Company in Idaho Falls has become Southeast Idaho’s regional favorite. A company and family tradition since 1911, Farr’s exclusively uses White Satin sugar in their locally made ice creams and kettle-cooked, hand-dipped chocolates. Shop online for chocolates, and look for their ice cream at Walmart and Winco–the Huckleberry Cheesecake is our favorite!



For Everyone Else!

In 1986, Dorothy Baumhoff started her home-based business in Boise, selling homemade Idaho preserves made with wild berries from Idaho’s mountains. Today, Homemade by Dorothy has an impressive product line that includes fruit jellies, jams, syrups, pepper jellies, and fruit toppings made only with White Satin sugar. Try the Leapin’ Lizard line for festive flavors that bring the heat this holiday season! As a bonus, Homemade by Dorothy also sells Mom’s Mustard on their site, which is also made with White Satin sugar!

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