Community Giving Requests

Amalgamated Sugar is proud to support local charitable causes and events.

Charitable Giving / Donation Guidelines

Amalgamated Sugar understands that the Company would not have existed for well over a century without the support of the communities in which sugarbeets are grown and processed. Each year, resources are earmarked to give back to these areas, and we receive many requests for support from a variety of different organizations. For a sponsorship/donation to be considered by Amalgamated Sugar, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Contributions will be made to Non-Profit/Not For Profit entities including charitable organizations and schools. These donations will specifically be made to programs that benefit youth, education (particularly STEM), health & nutrition, and agriculture.
  • Sponsorships should be local or have a local impact – local meaning Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Southern Washington. Amalgamated Sugar supports causes that are meaningful to our Grower-Owners, Employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • We do not make monetary donations toward the following:
        • Individuals
        • Teams
        • For-Profit businesses
        • Travel expenses
        • Sectarian or religious organizations, for projects that serve only their own members or adherents
  • Religious organizations and teams are not generally eligible for sponsorships. However, if Amalgamated Sugar is asked to donate sugar for fundraising purposes for religious organizations or teams, these donations may be considered.
  • Donations of sugar will be made when possible/practical to qualifying local organizations.


Requesting Sponsorships and Donations

Donation requests will be submitted to the Corporate Office for review and consideration. Requests must be made via the Amalgamated Sugar website “Charitable Giving Request” form by the general public or by submitting them to the HR Director and Public Affairs Manager internally. This assists in our ability to track and engage in sponsorship opportunities in a strategic manner.

A small committee made up of the HR Director, Director of Warehouse and Logistics, and the Public Affairs Manager will assess the requests for all sugar donations. 


Amalgamated Sugar President’s Safety Award

To encourage and reward each factory for operating safely, Amalgamated Sugar has developed the President’s Safety Award program.

Upon the completion of one of four different levels of safe hours at a factory without a recordable incident, Amalgamated Sugar will donate to a charity of the factory’s choice. The charity will be selected by a small committee at each factory. Once a factory reaches 1,000,000 safe hours Amalgamated Sugar will host or take part in a charitable event in the community where the factory is located.

Hours Without Recordable InjuryDonation Amount

Community Giving Request Form

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