In each step of the sugarbeet growth and sugar production process, we are working to minimize our footprint and be a good neighbor.


To produce real sugar for the informed consumer and improve the economic experience for our member-growers and employees.


To enhance the enjoyment and function of food by producing real sugar in the most technologically advanced and socially responsible manner.

Core Values


We make safety a personal value.  We ensure that our actions, tools, equipment and training are appropriate for the task.

Social Responsibility

We conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner by protecting the environment for future generations and benefitting the communities where we work.


We provide quality products and services to our customers and partners.

Continuous Improvement

We learn from our own as well as others’ successes and mistakes.  We demonstrate a respectful questioning attitude.  We assign priority to actions aimed at rectifying issues that affect safety, efficiency, and relationships.  We participate in self-assessment geared at improving the Company and ourselves.


We hold ourselves and others accountable for our decisions and actions, and the results they produce.


We tell the truth, all the time.  We encourage fact sharing, not negative story telling. We meet commitments.  We keep confidences.  We never undermine others for our own personal gain.


We are reliable, and we keep our word.


We actively listen. We are open to differing opinions that are expressed respectfully.


Amalgamated Sugar is proud to support the communities in which we operate by offering sugar donations, sponsoring charitable events, and providing opportunities for employees to volunteer.

Each year, Amalgamated Sugar donates over 86,000 pounds of sugar to local food banks, senior centers, and other organizations whose mission is to end hunger in our local communities. The Company also sponsors charitable events and organizations that benefit youth, STEM education, health & nutrition, and agriculture.

Many Amalgamated Sugar employees participate in Company sponsored volunteer activities. From holiday gift drives to raking up leaves for elderly neighbors to assisting with local youth programs, Amalgamated Sugar employees value giving back to their local communities.


Amalgamated Sugar is committed to meeting customer and industry expectations for sustainability – on the farm, in the factory, and beyond. Amalgamated Sugar’s vision is to enhance the enjoyment and function of food by producing real sugar in the most technologically advanced and socially responsible manner. Preserving the environment, being good neighbors and dedicated stewards of the land is of the highest importance to the grower-owners of the Company. Amalgamated Sugar has a history of progressive environmental improvements on the farm and in the factory.

For Amalgamated Sugar, sustainability is embedded in daily operations. It starts with caring for the Earth and its ecosystems; including maintaining biodiversity, emphasizing reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and focusing on improving environmental stewardship. Amalgamated Sugar is invested in the economic health of its grower-members and their farms, the health and safety of employees and consumers, and the labor rights of all individuals in the supply chain.

The Company’s growers know the value of sustainability and recognize the importance of these efforts to their farms and factories. They continue to adopt innovative technologies, including advances in machinery, equipment, plant breeding, and weed and insect management, which lead to more sustainable farming methods.

Genetically engineered (GE) sugarbeets are one of the most significant advancements in farming technology and produce great benefits for consumers, farmers, and the public at large. GE sugarbeets have significantly advanced each of these objectives:

Learn More About GMO Farming

How Our Sugar is Made



Amalgamated Sugar growers produce safe and nutritious sugar that is used to feed America. Since 1996, they have produced 63.3% more sugar per acre.

Soil Protection

Soil Protection

In the past 20 years, growers have applied 85% fewer pesticides and used 60% less diesel fuel per ton of beets, reducing impacts on the environment and creating a safer environment for farm workers and families.

Safe Environment

Safe Environment

GE sugarbeets provide superior weed control and allow growers to use methods like conservation tillage, reducing CO2 emissions and topsoil erosion, and protecting soil integrity.



GE sugarbeets are far more efficient at utilizing water and nutrients, reducing their environmental footprint.



Genetic engineering allows growers to remain commercially viable and to produce a safe, affordable product at reduced costs to consumers.

Pure Soil

Pure Soil

Amalgamated Sugar financially incentivizes growers to deliver sugarbeets with fewer nitrates, reducing overall soil nitrates and protecting our groundwater.

Agronomic Research

Agronomic Research

Amalgamated Sugar invests heavily in agronomic research to help growers more efficiently utilize fertilizers, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mobile App

Mobile App

We introduced a cutting edge mobile app to provide growers with real-time harvest statistics, enabling them to make adjustments to harvesting equipment.

Loss Reduction

Loss Reduction

Amalgamated Sugar has decreased farm-to-factory losses by more than 30% over the last five years, producing an additional 492,000 cwt of sugar annually.


Amalgamated Sugar is committed to regulatory compliance and embraces any opportunity to minimize environmental impact. Through technological advances, Amalgamated Sugar continues to improve the overall energy efficiencies of its operations. Since 1996, processing facilities have used 28.2% less energy per bag of sugar produced. Facilities have also increased the use of cleaner fuels. As a result, facilities have reduced greenhouse gases by 47.8% per bag of sugar produced. The Company will continue to focus on reductions in energy use, air emissions, and excess water discharges as well as increased beneficial reuse of residual products.

Amalgamated Sugar is a member of Field to Market, and many of the Company’s growers participate in Syngenta’s Sustainable Solutions program. Field to Market and Sustainable Solutions provides a common measuring tool for sustainability efforts so that all aspects of the supply chain can better understand and assess performance. Amalgamated Sugar also conducts Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) Certifications regularly. SMETA is designed to reduce duplication in ethical trade auditing, benefiting retailers, consumers, and their suppliers.

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