Amalgamated Sugar Donates 7 Tons of Sugar to Area Charities

This December, Amalgamated Sugar has donated nearly 7 tons of sugar to food banks and other hunger-focused charitable organizations.


“This year has been difficult for many people, and the holidays can increase that difficulty,” said John McCreedy, President & CEO of Amalgamated Sugar. “We are a grower-owned cooperative, and our farmers want to be sure that families in need can still carry on their family baking traditions.”


Of these donations, approximately 10,000 lbs. were sent to The Idaho Foodbank. 2020 marks the fifth year that Amalgamated Sugar has provided a sugar donation of this amount to the organization.


Amalgamated Sugar employees hold bags of White Satin sugar in front of the Amalgamated Sugar delivery truck. The truck contains nearly 10,000 lbs. of sugar on its way to The Idaho Foodbank’s warehouse.



“Food has the power to bring people together. However, gathering around the table for a special meal or simply cooking a treasured family recipe may be out of reach for many struggling this year,” said Karen Vauk, President and CEO of The Idaho Foodbank. “Therefore, we are grateful to the farmers of Amalgamated Sugar for thinking of their fellow Idahoans and providing some sweet relief to get them through the holidays.”


Along with The Idaho Foodbank, donations were made to several other local organizations. Some of these include East End Providers and the West End Ministerial Association.


“It has been our pleasure to support those in need throughout the year, and especially during this holiday season,” said Chris Mapes, Director of Warehouses & Logistics at Amalgamated Sugar, who is orchestrating the donation deliveries. “It is a reminder to focus on the opportunity to help our neighbors who are less fortunate – we are all in this together.”


Amalgamated Sugar supports meaningful causes to our grower-owners, employees, and the communities in which we operate, particularly programs that benefit youth, education (particularly STEM), health & nutrition, and agriculture. Amalgamated Sugar has donated over 36 tons of sugar in 2020.


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