Amalgamated Sugar Supports Local Slavic Church’s Ukrainian Aid Efforts

Amalgamated Sugar is assisting Idaho’s Slavic churches in their efforts to provide humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine. Two full pallets of sugar – 4,800 lbs – will be added to boxes of supplies that will be shipped overseas.


“Sugar, salt, and other spices have been requested by the Ukrainian people,” said Tanya Petruchok, with the Full Gospel Slavic Church in Meridian, ID. “The bags of sugar donated by Amalgamated Sugar will be packed in the boxes with teas and coffees that were donated by local companies here and other dry foods.”


This is the second round of humanitarian aid that the Idaho group has organized. “The outpouring of support from the community appears to be doubling as we speak,” said Petruchok. “The facility was being filled by donations before the drive had even begun. It is just unbelievable!”


The boxes will be taken by a semi-truck to Dnipro LLC, a New Jersey-based company, that will be delivering the items to Poland. From there, the boxes will be taken to Ukraine. The plan is for the boxes to leave Treasure Valley a week after the drive.


For more information about this effort for humanitarian aid for Ukraine, please visit the Full Gospel Slavic Church’s Facebook page.

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