Diego Castellanoz Retires – Destiny Reeves Promoted

After 46 years of service to Amalgamated Sugar Company’s Nyssa factory, Diego Castellanoz has retired as Sugar Warehouse Manager. Destiny Reeves, who previously held the position of Assistant Sugar Warehouse Manager at Amalgamated Sugar’s Nampa facility, has taken the role of Sugar Warehouse Manager in Nyssa.


Castellanoz, who has held multiple positions within the company since he joined in October of 1975, has been a mainstay at the Nyssa factory for decades. “Diego’s departure into well-deserved retirement will be bitter-sweet,” said Chris Mapes, Director of Warehouses & Logistics for Amalgamated Sugar. “His dedication to employees and commitment to the efficient operation of the Nyssa warehouse will be sorely missed. However, we’re excited that Diego can take time to enjoy his family, hobbies, and take the ‘deep breath’ he deserves after 46 years of tireless service to Amalgamated Sugar.”


Diego Castellanoz and his crew at the Nyssa Factory


In his retirement, Castellanoz is looking forward to spending more time with his family, traveling, and working on house projects. “I would like to come back in five years and see where we are and how we’ve grown,” said Castellanoz. “Sometimes it takes a different perspective to make changes and improve, and I’m excited to see what will happen under Destiny’s leadership.”


Reeves started at Amalgamated Sugar’s Nampa factory in January 2018 as a Packaging Engineer. “The more I learned once I started working in the Nampa Sugar Warehouse, the more I wanted to know,” said Reeves. “I had a lot of opportunities to learn and grow as a part of that team.”



Although the Nyssa factory is no longer used to slice sugarbeets or produce sugar, it houses Amalgamated Sugar’s brown sugar production and packaging line, a sugar warehouse, and storage. “We are fortunate that Destiny applied for the position,” said Castellanoz. “She is a hard worker and a go-getter, and you need that for this job. Her co-workers in Nampa have told me they will miss her, which also says a lot for her.”


“I’m looking forward to building on the foundation that Diego has built here,” said Reeves. “The Nyssa factory has so much growth potential, and I hope to develop it.”

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