Nampa Ag Staff Presents at Elementary School Ag Day

On Friday, March 13, Amalgamated Sugar employees from the Nampa agriculture staff made a visit to Thomas Jefferson Charter School in Caldwell, ID for their Agriculture Day. A booth was set up for students to come learn more about sugarbeets, and the process of turning them into sugar.

Crop Consultants, Aaron Searle and Zach Leukenga, along with Agronomist, Clarke Alder spent their morning teaching approximately 200 kids about sugarbeets. The students were able to hold the sugarbeets and each child received an Amalgamated Sugar coloring book to take home.

Students were thrilled to talk to the agriculture staff. Some were familiar with growing sugarbeets. One 6-year-old student discussed how her father would drive her around in his tractor, “When I was a baby, 2 years ago!” she said.

The event hosted several other aspects of agriculture, such as beekeeping, cattle, goats, and farm equipment.

Amalgamated Sugar celebrates Ag Day every day and looks forward to opportunities like Thomas Jefferson Charter School’s Ag Day to share knowledge about agriculture.


Left to Right: Aaron Searle, Zach Leukenga, Clarke Alder
Left to Right: Aaron Searle, Zach Leukenga, Clarke Alder

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