Twin Falls Factory Hosts Confined Space Rescue Training

On July 19th, the Twin Falls Fire Department (TFFD) and the Magic Valley Paramedic’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) practiced a confined space rescue at Amalgamated Sugar’s Twin Falls factory. “We had an excellent turnout,” said Jeff Brown, Twin Falls District Safety Manager. “It is great to get both parties into the facility to train, and we plan on doing a similar practice rescue once a year.”


Twin Falls Fire Department


The drill consisted of rescuing two Amalgamated Sugar employees who simulated an injury, one with a broken leg and the other with arm and shoulder pain. The employee-actors were in a challenging, confined space, which was difficult for rescue teams to navigate.


Magic Valley Paramedic’s Special Operations Response Team


“Watching how Amalgamated Sugar, TFFD, and SORT worked together during the rescue was awesome, and we all learned the importance of communication during a rescue situation,” said Brown. “The teams conducted the mock rescue more quickly as we communicated more. The rescue teams were asking employees in the area how to maneuver around obstacles, which provided an additional resource to rescuers going into the confined space.”



During the drill, the rescuers also had to set up a tripod to raise the employees out of the confined space as well as safely transport them from the second floor to the first floor. The teams were able to rescue the two employee-actors using a stretcher and harness.



Amalgamated Sugar holds safety as a top priority, and employees work hard to prevent the need for any rescue like this. However, the Company’s partnership with TFFD and SORT can make for a smoother process if there comes a time when it is needed. “It is essential to train with TFFD and SORT since they are the entities used for any confined space rescues at the factory,” said Brown. “Familiarity with the factory and knowledge of some of the confined spaces lays the groundwork for a better response.”

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