Migratory Birds call Twin Falls Factory “Home”

Most people in southern Idaho are familiar with Swallows – small birds that nest under bridges, in rafters, and on hillsides. What many people may not know is that Swallows are a federally protected migratory bird that migrates to Idaho every year to nest.


This spring, while creating plans for a project, Amalgamated Sugar employees discovered a large colony of Swallows nesting on the Twin Falls factory property. The employees contacted Idaho Fish and Game to consult with them on how to proceed.


“We thought it would be a shame to stifle the nesting progress of the Swallows,” said Ryan Gustafson, District Environmental Manager at the Twin Falls factory.


The Twin Falls factory has revised the scope on their project to ensure the Swallows are given enough time and space for this year’s offspring to fledge.


“Fish and Game appreciates the efforts of Amalgamated Sugar to minimize the disturbance to a large nesting colony of bank swallows near their Twin Falls sugar factory,” stated Lyn Snoddy, Regional Wildlife Biologist with Idaho Fish and Game. “Working cooperatively with the company, we found opportunities for them to modify their maintenance plans that will allow the young-of-the-year to fledge before work begins in the area of the nesting colony.”


Amalgamated Sugar is committed to maintaining high environmental standards and doing our part to protect birds and other wildlife.


Swallows - Factory View

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