2020 Campaign Wrap-Up

Amalgamated Sugar’s 2020 sugarbeet campaign was completed on Sunday, April 4 as the Mini-Cassia factory sliced the last beets of the season.

Factory operations performed solidly this campaign despite some early challenges with evaporators, dryers, and other miscellaneous mechanical issues. Amalgamated Sugar’s companywide performance this crop year exceeded last year. Beet quality and storage conditions were excellent this year and overall cossette sugars achieved an all-time high at 18.62% —setting a record currently held by crop year 2018 of 18.56%.

The Nampa Factory completed a very successful campaign on February 17 with a slice rate of 11,999 tons per day, a granulation rate of 20,069 cwt per day, and molasses separator throughput rate of 547 tons of molasses processed per day. Nampa’s campaign performance exceeded all established Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Due to a fire in their pulp warehouse, the Twin Falls factory concluded their campaign a few days early, on March 27, and the remaining sugarbeets were transported to the Mini-Cassia facility to be sliced. During the 2020 campaign, the average slice rate at Twin Falls was 6,357 tons per day, with a granulation rate of 20,766 cwt per day, and molasses separator throughput rate of 457 tons of molasses processed per day.

Mini-Cassia finished their campaign strong with excellent beet quality in protected storage. The facility’s average slice rate was 17,465 tons per day, with a granulation rate of 26,997 cwt per day.

“We are very pleased with this year’s campaign performance,” said Scott Winn, Vice President of Operations for Amalgamated Sugar. “Even though we’ve dealt with some challenges, we have still been able to process a top-quality crop and break company records.”


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