Safety Milestone at Mini-Cassia Factory Prompts $2,500 Donation

Amalgamated Sugar has presented a check for $2,500 to The Idaho Foodbank during a small event at the Amalgamated Sugar Company’s corporate office. The donation is part of a program at Amalgamated Sugar in which, upon reaching safety milestones at a factory, the company donates to the charitable organization of that factory’s choice.


Recently, the Mini-Cassia factory, located in Paul, ID, achieved 250,000 hours without a recordable injury. As a result, the factory was awarded $2,500 to donate to a cause in the community. A committee of employees at the factory chose to donate to The Idaho Foodbank’s A Fresh Approach capital campaign.


As part of Amalgamated Sugar’s recent donation challenge campaign to support The Idaho Foodbank, the employee’s donation impact was increased. “Our employee’s commitment to carry out safe work practices have allowed us the opportunity to earn this $2,500 safety incentive, which the Company has matched dollar for dollar,” said Craig Lindsay, BCTGM Mini-Cassia Local 282G President.


Craig Lindsay, BCTGM Mini-Cassia Local 282G President


“Our employees work hard to make safety their top priority every day,” said Stan Case, Mini-Cassia Plant Manager. “We are glad to make this donation to help fight food insecurity across Idaho and proud to have achieved this milestone as a part of Amalgamated Sugar’s safety incentive program.”


The Idaho Foodbank is raising funds to pay off the purchase of a larger warehouse and office with A Fresh Approach Capital Campaign. “Congratulations to the Mini-Cassia team for making safety a priority on the job, and helping their neighbors a priority, in the community,” said Karen Vauk, President & CEO of The Idaho Foodbank. “Our new warehouse resolves the capacity issue and allows us to get more food out to those in need. More space is especially helpful for perishable goods and improves our ability to distribute food in a timely way to feed Idaho families, seniors, and children facing hunger.”


Steve Roberts, Mini-Cassia District Safety Manager


The Mini-Cassia factory is the largest of Amalgamated Sugar’s three sugarbeet processing facilities. “With such a large-scale, industrial operation, employee safety must always remain a major focus,” said Steve Roberts, Mini-Cassia District Safety Manager. “Thanks to the safety incentive program, our employees can celebrate their safe work habits by giving back to causes we care about.”


Mini-Cassia factory employees present a ceremonial check to Karen Vauk and Adrienne Smith of The Idaho Foodbank

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