Amalgamated Sugar Donates Safety Equipment to Local Fire & Rescue

Amalgamated Sugar’s Mini-Cassia factory donated nearly $3,400 worth of safety equipment to West End Fire & Rescue at a small event held on Thursday, September 23. The equipment includes a specially designed system that can quickly aid in rescuing individuals who are entrapped within storage silos, railcars, or bulk handling areas.


“Amalgamated Sugar is committed to the safety of our employees,” said Steve Roberts, Amalgamated Sugar’s Mini-Cassia District Safety Manager. “While we all do our best to prevent dangerous situations, we also need to be prepared for emergencies; Providing this equipment will help us do that.”


The rescue system includes a removable step with eight interlocking panels that slide down around the trapped person to protect them during the rescue. There are platforms for rescue personnel to stand on, and a hand or cordless drill operated auger that is used for removing the product quickly from inside the panels as they are lowered to the point the person can climb out.


“Donating this type of rescue equipment to West End Fire & Rescue helps to protect not only our employees, but people all around our area, especially those who handle products like grain, corn, and fertilizer,” said Mini-Cassia Facility Manager, Jeremy Smith. “It also provides the ability to rescue multiple people at the same time by sharing equipment if needed.”


West End Fire & Rescue will also have access to another rescue equipment set that will be housed at Amalgamated Sugar’s Mini-Cassia factory. Amalgamated Sugar is currently making plans for joint training with West End Fire & Rescue and key personnel at the Mini-Cassia factory to provide the best outcome possible in the event of an emergency at the facility.


There are also plans for Amalgamated Sugar’s Twin Falls factory to donate a set of rescue equipment to the local fire department in Twin Falls.


Left to Right: District Safety Manager, Steve Roberts; Facility Manager, Jeremy Smith; and Mini-Cassia Plant Manager, Stan Case stand next to the donated set of rescue equipment.

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