Amalgamated Sugar Hosts Local Fire & Rescue Training

The Twin Falls Fire Department recently utilized a house located on Amalgamated Sugar’s property for drill training. Over the last several weeks, fire crews were able to practice forcible entry, roof access, rescue, and second-story access. In addition, chain saw training was conducted, as the fire department removed trees in preparation for the house burn exercise.


Amalgamated Sugar decided to offer the house and surrounding structures to the Twin Falls Fire Department for training use after a Company decision was made to demolish the buildings. The structures, which needed to be removed due to safety concerns, were located to the south of the Twin Falls facility.


“It has been fantastic to see the Twin Falls Fire Department use the house for their team’s experience-based training exercises,” said Jeff Brown, Twin Falls District Safety Manager. “We look forward to continuing our partnership.”


Amalgamated Sugar has coordinated with a contractor to remove the burned materials from the property after a 6-week cooldown period. The Company plans to repurpose the land for wastewater land application.


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