Celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Sweet Spot Bakery!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with all things sweet and delicious, and today we are sharing a local small business that is helping with just that. From homemade sweet treats to a quick breakfast or lunch stop, The Sweet Spot Bakery in Caldwell, Idaho, has you covered!


The Sweet Spot Bakery began in 2012 when owners Penny Simons (Penny’s Pies) and Kathy Plaisance (Kathy’s Kakes) partnered to create a neighborhood bakery and cafe. The Sweet Spot Bakery team fills their cases daily with cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cakes using locally sourced ingredients that change with the seasons.



The bakery artists at The Sweet Spot specialize in custom cakes and cookies for weddings, birthdays, and almost any other special occasion.  Themes range from the traditional to the adventurous, and they have even been known to make a very realistic-looking sugarbeet cake!  They have adorable treat platters for Valentine’s Day, sugar cookies with sweet and sassy phrases, and even a “Love Box” filled with a special selection of snacks for a couple to share.



While their popular ready-made items include hand-rolled fruit pies, homemade cookies, and over-the-top pastries and cream puffs, The Sweet Spot now offers light breakfast sandwich and quiche offerings as well as daily homemade soup and lunch sandwich options for grab-and-go sack lunches.


The Sweet Spot is a loyal Amalgamated Sugar customer, using about 350 pounds of granulated sugar, 100 pounds of brown sugar, and 360 pounds of powdered sugar each week in their decadent creations.  Penny and Kathy developed all their recipes using Amalgamated Sugar’s White Satin brand products due to their consistency and quality in the finished product. Another motivation for The Sweet Spot to use White Satin is that Penny’s husband, Greg, has worked at the Amalgamated Sugar Factory in Nampa for over 31 years.


Check out The Sweet Spot Bakery in Caldwell to help make your next special occasion even more special, or stop in for a homemade sweet treat or a quick bite to eat!




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