Ogden Warehouse Maintains Safety Excellence

Safety is a pillar of Amalgamated Sugar Company’s core values. The company prioritizes safe work practices at every step of sugar production – from on-farm and harvest procedures to factory operations and sugar distribution. Safety is just as important at the warehouse level as at any other Amalgamated Sugar facility, which is demonstrated at the Ogden warehouse located in Ogden, Utah.


As of December 31, 2022, Ogden employees have completed 1955 days without a recordable injury, which is approximately 55,600 safe work hours. “It’s important to us that our employees go home the same way they come to work,” said Steve Woody, Ogden Warehouse Manager. “We watch out for one another and encourage everyone to pay attention and use common sense.”


“We are a smaller operation, usually with about four employees,” said Jared Gibby, Ogden Warehouse Supervisor. “It’s a big impact to lose one person with a team that size, so we make it a priority to work as safely and efficiently as possible.”


Approximately 9 million pounds of sugar move through the warehouse each year in the form of 50 lbs. bags and one-ton totes. About 4.9 million gallons of liquid sucrose are produced and shipped by the Ogden facility each year.

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