Factory Appreciation Month

During the month of July, Amalgamated Sugar is celebrating Factory Appreciation Month, a time to recognize each of our factories. Factory employees are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure quality and efficiency in our operations. We are designating this month to showing appreciation to our outstanding factory employees, and to thank them for all that they do. Each factory operates similarly but have personalities of their own.


Amalgamated Sugar’s oldest factory in operation is in Twin Falls. The Twin Falls Factory completed its first campaign in 1916, followed by the Mini-Cassia Factory in 1917. The Nyssa factory was built in 1938 and in 1942, the Nampa Factory was built and began its operations.


During this month, each factory will get its own week of recognition and appreciation. The weeks will follow the order of when each factory was built. 


Week 1 Twin Falls Factory
Week 2 Mini-Cassia Factory
Week 3 Nyssa Factory
Week 4 Nampa Factory


We can’t wait to share the culture of each location, telling the stories of our outstanding employees, along with some history for each factory.


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