Sugarbeet Growers Tour ARi and Twin Falls Factory

On Tuesday, January 21, a group of approximately 40 people toured the Amalgamated Research (ARi) and Amalgamated Sugar factory in Twin Falls, Idaho. The tour provided an opportunity for younger sugarbeet growers and newer cooperative Members to visit these facilities and learn more about their impact on the Company.

The tour began at the ARi facility, where attendees learned about the different technologies and testing conducted there. ARi conducts process research and development, specializing in separation, mixing, and fluid distribution/collection technologies. ARi’s services range from lab and pilot-scale testing to full-scale industrial installation.


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One of the tour groups at the ARi facility


ARi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Sugar. The work conducted by ARi not only helps to make Amalgamated Sugar more efficient in its operations but also provides additional income to sugarbeet growers by the marketing of ARi technologies to different industries worldwide.

After touring ARi, the group toured Amalgamated Sugar’s Twin Falls factory, following the process of making sugar – from sugarbeets entering the factory to granulated sugar going into storage. Attendees were able to see firsthand the recent improvements made to the factory, including the installation of a new beet elevator. Originally constructed in 1916, the Twin Falls factory is the oldest of Amalgamated Sugar’s factories.


One of the tour groups at Amalgamated Sugar's Twin Falls factory
One of the tour groups at Amalgamated Sugar’s Twin Falls factory


At the conclusion of the tour, Mike Garner, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Snake River Sugar Company, spoke to the group about the advantages of ARi technology and the necessity of maintaining and improving Amalgamated Sugar’s factories. Garner also encouraged the attendees to stay involved and learn more about Amalgamated Sugar.

Tour attendees expressed that they enjoyed the event and appreciated the opportunity. Amalgamated Sugar looks forward to hosting more activities in the future at which growers can learn more about their Cooperative.

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