A Brief History of the Nyssa Factory Sign

The Nyssa factory is home to a very iconic sign promoting White Satin Sugar. Throughout the years, the sign has changed with Amalgamated Sugar. The sign remains a landmark today and is cherished in the Nyssa community.


Nyssa Factory sign - 1955
Nyssa Factory sign – 1955



The sign was built in 1955 as part of Amalgamated Sugar’s efforts to expand retail sales into the Pacific Northwest market. The promotion of “Oregon’s Own and Only Sugar” was an important part of Amalgamated Sugar’s success in the mid-1900s.


Nyssa Factory sign - Early 1960s
Nyssa Factory sign – Early 1960s



The Nyssa sign was updated in the early 1960s following the adoption of a new logo and package design. The new bag was labeled as an “easy-open, easy-close” package that showcased the “magic sugar bowl.”


Nyssa Factory sign - Late 1990s
Nyssa Factory sign – Late 1990s



The most recent change to the sign occurred in the late 1990s when Amalgamated Sugar was purchased by Snake River Sugar Company, a grower-owned cooperative. Currently, the sign displays a more modern White Satin bag. Not only has the depicted sugar bag changed significantly, but the company’s ownership as well. The current sign now reads:


Grower Owned
The Amalgamated Sugar Co. LLC
Nyssa Plant


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